My Personal Mission

I believe that we all have the capability to learn from our own experiences and from others.  I would like to share with you my own personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences with autism.  I bring a unique view to the world of autism due to my life that I have apparently been so fortunate to acquire! 😉  

I am a single mom of two crazy kiddos who happen to both be diagnosed with Autistic Disorder.  I myself am diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Those two reasons alone give me more than enough information to cover in a silly little blog, but I also happen to be a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.  

I am originally from a very small town in Arkansas where you know everyone and their mama.  I am still best friends with a girl since Kindergarten.  I am a very loyal person that enjoys spending my days doing nothing! (I know you thought I was going to say being with family, but really I’m just lazy!)

I am one of those odd people who love to jog, but don’t worry I’ve got lots to jiggle! I am really trying to spend my days for the next six months working on my health!  

I am currently not single and not looking and am in a relationship with a typical guy that does typical guy things some of the time and non-typical guy things the other part of the time.  

I have one motto that I’m really trying to live by.  It’s my own that I came up with when I was wearing my big girl panties one day.



To live without reservations you have to care more for yourself than what others think of you……


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