Patience & Protection

There are many unanswered questions that I ask all of the time.  These range from philosophical questions to science questions.  However, one question that deeply upsets me and that I constantly think about is about how women treat each other. 

Why do women feel the need to constantly barrage each other with hate? 

I see this everyday, have definitely participated in it, and have been the brunt of it. Sane, wonderful women fall into this type of behavior.  Perhaps it is genetically engineered within us to resent other women; however, I would hope through our evolution as a society and as a female race that this is something that we would leave behind.  

One of my little goals that I have this year is to make sure that I do not attack another woman in any way, even if it is just an offhand comment.  Words have a way of cutting to the quick.  It is through witnessing our own weaknesses and the mirrored weaknesses in others that I believe we can begin to grow as individuals.  I sincerely do want to help start a change in women, not a feminist movement, but a more feminine movement.  

I was not made to be the sweet charming grandmother type, and perhaps I haven’t even realized my calling in life.  Yes, call me Christian/religious/sentimental or whatever, but I believe we ALL have a calling in life…one that we rarely answer. I want to answer that calling and live up to what I was made to do.  

These last couple of days have taught me a few lessons I need to take to heart.  The most important lesson that I need to learn is that when you are a part of a social media portal you open yourself up to others that want to hurt you or just want to start something.  I then need to realize that in order to taper that down I have to taper down my own usage, because I do not have the ability to stay unoffended.  As I grow older I have also developed more of a capability of getting hurt…..and I think it is because I watch my children with autism struggle with the exact same issues.

Having Asperger’s makes me more prone to repeating myself…my children do the same thing.  People either assume we are unintelligent or we are “high and mighty” I cannot tell you how many times this happens to me.  In fact it happened to me today.  I was literally told by a random person that does not know me “some people are educated beyond their intelligence”.  I have never understood why it is ok for anyone who is typical to give those statements, but autistics cannot.  We are classified as rude, but because the typicals observe social protocol they are just telling the truth.  It is a heinous act using words to hurt someone just so the other person can let loose.  I do not condone these acts and try to my very best to not succumb.  I’m not saying I have never acted in such a manner, but I strive to not!

Women are continuously hateful to each other by commenting on their appearance.  I have a picture of myself in a bikini on my profile pic.  Why? Because when I’m down I like to remember that time.  It was 2 years ago and me and my bestie spent 15 days in the dominican republic.  I am holding a bottle of almonds for lucy’s sake.  However, many women have felt the need to call me horrible horrible names.  I have not received any of this treatment from men, because in all honesty, men do not take time out of their lives to play these games.  (The average man anyhow).  

It is important we teach our daughter’s to feel comfortable in their own skin.  It is important that we teach our daughter’s to not attack another female, but instead lift her spirits up with praise.  It is important for us to look past another person’s clothes, looks, and even personality so we may establish meaningful and long lasting friendships.

The ONE thing I hope to teach my daughter is that supporting other women does not make you weak and them better, but it makes you valuable!


Teaching Tolerance To the Next Generation


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