So, this last week has been an even crazier week than normal, which is saying ALOT!!!!!!  I ended up with about 3 infections including a really bad sinus infection, on top of that Dorian had double ear and sinus infection, and Selena finishing up her UTI.  I mean seriously it was horrible, then I started my written qualifying exam for my PhD.  What exactly does this mean? There are 3 steps to getting to be an official PhD candidate.  Sounds ridiculous that after 2 years of classes and research you get to take 3 steps to qualify to be considered for a PhD!!!!!   The first step is to write a grant proposal about your proposed research.  The second step is to get a set of questions from each one of your committee members.  The third is an oral presentation with an oral exam…yeah it’s horrible.  I’m at the second step right now, with my proposal being submitted and was accepted.  I’ve also passed my first question!  I’m on my 3rd question with one more after this and I can’t wait.  The insaneness will not be over until after my oral sometime in October and between now and then I  have to give a departmental graduate student seminar and a graduate student research seminar…YAY! right? as well as take care of 2 kids with autism….so here are some things I’m going to start doing to make my life easier.  I deserve to have a great day too!!!!  

#1:  Having A Clean Sink:  

~Every night I need to make sure that all of my dishes are washed.  Why? I deserve to wake up to a clean kitchen.  Being able to come home in the evening with no dishes to wash before I even cook is a great feeling.  This is a gift I need to give myself everyday.  

#2: Have a Cleaning Schedule for the kids

~Teaching the kids how to clean means that some of the responsibility has been lifted off of my shoulder.  Although it seems easy and better to do it myself, in the long run it teaches the children needed life skills.  It takes much longer to teach children with special needs to complete tasks, but it is completely worth it.  Don’t worry this hasn’t happened yet, but it’s something we are working on!

#3:  Make your bed every morning:

~Now this is not something for me.  I do not care if my bed is or is not made.  lol However, my friend LOVES to come home to having her bed made.  She says it gives her a clean feeling.

#4:  Pay all your bills first, make a financial strategy

~Seems easy enough, but we all know it’s time consuming and hard work.  However, with kids with special needs money is even tighter. This is definitely something I need help with……………

#5: Exercise

~The best advice I can ever give is to exercise all parts of yourself: your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Treat your body like the temple it is.  Find a way to exercise.  There are plenty of videos on youtube that are free to watch and do at home.  Take a quick jog through the neighborhood using http://www.mapmyrun.com.  Pick up that elicit copy of 50 shades of grey.  Have a little talk with God, but basically just take time for yourself!

My point of all of this is that in order to be there for your special needs kids in the future you have to be there for yourself NOW! Take the time to love yourself as your kids love you!



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