Disabilities and Water Care

What is one of the greatest fears we have in the autism community? What is something that we see everyday occurring?  Children with disabilities getting separated from their families….falling into bodies of water…and drowning!!!  We hear it every week on the news.  It is scary and it is something that I have become deathly afraid of.  I enrolled my children 2 years ago into the swim classes at the YMCA here at Lexington, KY.  It was the best thing I ever did.  Both of my children know how to swim and they love it greatly.  Remember both of my children have autism.  I’m hoping to put them into a safety class here soon.


Are there any programs out there specifically designed for the disabled? I had to use a program for typical children, but the instructors were so great.  I explained beforehand about my kids and they came to love them greatly.


On Monday Sensory Swim will be a post blogger on my blog to talk to you viewers about different opportunities for your children.  They even offer respite care…OH MY GOD..does that mean I could go watch a movie? Absolutely….please check back with us on Monday to learn about this wonderful service offered!




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