Zumba??????? Don’t they know I’m a white girl!

Ok, so tonight was my first experience with Zumba.  I went to my favorite YMCA…put the kids in their kid’s arcade and strutted my fat butt over to the zumba room.  (It was only 3 ft away from the arcade, but I still strutted)  I thought: I got this…I am up to jogging 6 miles….I can do 3 miles without even blinking…..zumba aint got nothing on me!


Boy was my big butt wrong!  I HATE it when I’m wrong.  It’s like admitting that I didn’t know something..and I like to know everything.  BUT OH MY FREAKING GOD…that was horrible.


First off, I think the teacher thought I was bringing funkytown back with me, no I left funkytown back home with my former skinny jeans!


Second off, the rotunda that is present behind me hasn’t felt this much strain in years..literally two.


Third off, I actually missed Angel (david boreanaz from Buffy but now on Bones) to go to the gym, this shows my commitment.


So why did I choose Zumba? Well, because I’ve never gone and this is my first full week back to working out.  My PhD got in the way…it’s so sad that I’ve gotten so far out of shape.  It isn’t hard to understand how others can go downhill so fast where health is concerned.  However, I’m ready to make my health a part of my life again.


I burned around 500 calories today…probably a little more than that, but that is what it says according to this zumba calorie calculator.


Join me during my time getting fit…..I’ll try to take a pic soon…I only weigh once a month..and today was my weigh in day…..but I decided not to do it.  I’m going to wait until November, I want to concentrate on my health ..not my weight!


Please let me know your thoughts!


~Lena Jeanne


Zumba like your not white ladies!


PS.  Standing behind the 70 year old Indian with more OOMPAH than what I had drove me on!




4 thoughts on “Zumba??????? Don’t they know I’m a white girl!

  1. Welcome back to working out! 🙂 Just getting back into it, just about anything would have been a struggle I’m sure.

  2. HA don’t you love it?? I’m not a dancer but I LOVE Zumba…as long as I can’t see myself in a mirror. Even then, meh, I don’t care. Gets you movin’ for sure. Plus, it’s a nice break from “normal” exercise, too. Kudos to ya, Whitey!!

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