The Ghetto Booty Within!

So, all my life I’ve been a jogging and free weight lifting type of girl.  However, I recently decided I needed to TRULY  begin to get serious about my health again, just as my last post said.  I had already started jogging a couple of months ago, but nothing too big…just up to 6 miles..which seems like a lot, but seriously in the grand scheme of things it’s not.  I typically would jog 3-4 miles…which was a 40 minute work out.  I absolutely love love love to jog, but my problem is I don’t have anyone to watch the kids while I jog.  I live’s just little ole me and my chickneys.  I can’t jog in the morning because I can’t leave my babies alone, and again same thing for the evening.  AND if I try to work out at all at home my kids get right in the way.  I love them to death, but seriously it is more of a pain and I end up frustrated.

I also haven’t gotten back in the groove of lifting weights…it’s like all my years of lifting just left me tired of it…although I’m itching to get back in for some reason I’m hesitant…dunno why.  Maybe I’m waiting for that miracle.  Therefore, I decided I would try classes.  I have a friend Lisa who is a Zumba instructor and she always makes it sound like fun, so I sashayed my great big pumpkin butt to the Zumba class on Monday….I did the hour long class and it wasn’t easy…I did enjoy it though.  However, last night I tried out the HipHop class and OMG I FREAKING LOVED IT.  I found it so much better than the Zumba for me.  It was like crack for ghetto girls.  You could bump, grind, get jiggy with it, and just move it to current R&B and HipHop songs.  We have this funky instructor with great muscles that is truly inspiring.

I brought funkytown back through shaking my ghetto BOOOOTAY!  I couldn’t believe 50 minutes had gone by.  I have a bit of rhythm and soul in me.  I got a bit of swag (ok not really but I had to add it in …my swag is the equivalent of victoria secret angel sweats!)  However, I do own some funk.   That’s right.  I am white and I am funky! lol   I don’t even know if my boyfriend knows just how much I can shake it…and that’s ok….surprises are better when they are indeed a surprise…duh!

As I looked around the class I noticed a few things.  First I noticed that in this class there were two mentally handicapped individuals.  One with Downs and another with MR.  Let me tell you, those little lassies kept me GOING!  Can you imagine going to a class knowing that everyone is so welcome that people with varying abilities are encouraged to participate? THAT WAS AWE INSPIRING.  Believe me they knew the steps too and when they shook their booties they SHOOK their booties! lol It was super cute.  This is one of the reasons I love the YMCA.  Everyone is welcome…and I do mean everyone!

Another aspect I noticed is that while everyone was fit noone was know what I call fit..with tons of muscles…toned…and ready to take on the world.  There were a few skinny girls, but still none that were lean and mean.  I love that look…I love the hard bodies way of feeling.  I feel like mush…who wants to feel like mush? I don’t.  I realized that for my very own personal goals I’m going to have to hit the weights and do crossfit training.  This was a good realization for me.  It was the motivation I was looking for to begin the next phase of my health goal.

Today is Thursday and I’m not even hurting from the two days of awesome cardio I did, which means I need more.  Tonight I must mow my yard for the last time of the season…….and tomorrow is going to be my first day back at lifting weights.  I’m going to jog 2 miles on the outside track, do back & biceps, and do some core crossfit with kettlebells.  It feels good to know which way to go now…to have direction…to truly know that I need my old partner back….my black and pink Lifting gloves….ah yes..they may be stinky and full of sweat, but they are are part of me and my fitness goals!!!!!

You may be wondering if I’m going to keep the two weekly classes.  Actually I am until I start pole dancing which is the 3rd phase of my fitness plan.  Pole dancing is going to start in November.  There is this studio here called Defiance and they offer a variety of really neat fitness classes including beginner to competitive pole dancing.  I can’t WAIT!!!! 4 more weeks until I get to really learn how to drop it!  If I add in the pole dancing I’ll take out the zumba since I preferred the hip hop.  However, before the zumba I will definitely work on some core ab and back exercises….prob about 15 minutes worth….since there didn’t seem to be alot of core in that.  The hiphop had tons of core….

Like I keep telling people…I’m not looking to get skinny, but to be fit like I use to be.  There is this random picture of me from 2 years ago in which I felt I was at my perfect fitness, but guess what I was still considered overweight.  I weighed over 140 and was super happy with my body…and at 5ft that’s considered fat or overweight…but not to me..I loved my body.  I was extremely healthy…and had tons of energy.  That’s the me I want to get back too……..but that’s not going to happen by stepping on the scale everyday….so please join forces with me in stopping the scale identity crisis.  Our identity as women and as humans is not dependent upon what a scale says.


Me mowing the yard 2010


So, as you can see…I was nowhere near thin…..I’m now 30 pounds heavier than this and feel like crap.  I just want to feel good about myself.  That 30 lbs snuck up on me so easily…..I’m ready to take on my fitness goals are you?  I truly believe that giving up my reservations and living a life full of positive energy and love that the lbs will come off of me when it’s time.  I’m not pushing myself…i’m just going to enjoy my life.  I hope you can enjoy your life with me.  

Help me to inspire you!  Send each other positive words of encouragement.  The women at the zumba and hip hop class really inspired me.  They lasted longer than I did….and they all sashayed with confidence…I hope to be like them soon! 


Living without any reservations!



PS.  You must remember that to be healthy it’s all about how you feel…not about what that crack hoe scale says…Pimp slap that mother and take a walk on the wild side! Don’t let a number tell you how to be!


PSS.  I have been invited to be in a wedding in January….You can guarantee that is definitely inspiring my fitness goals!


PSSS.  Tell me how you inspire others to reach their goal or how someone inspired you!  COMMENT!



I just wanted to tell you that I love hard fit bodies.  However, that is my personal preference, and most of my friends enjoy the more softer feminine appeal.  Please do not take anything I say as offensive, it is my personal preference FOR MYSELF..not for others…I love you for being you…….so just be you and you will inspire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Ghetto Booty Within!


      We as women or as people in general should not tear each other down. We should not talk bad about other women in front of our little girls and boys. We are teaching them how to treat others. I want my son to value ALL women…I want my daughter to value her body no matter what style it was…took me 30 years to love myself and it’s still a process. I want to be the inspiration and find the inspiration in others! Thank you for reading!

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