Contingent Upon Tuesday~ October 16th 2012

So, two days away on October 16th I have my proposal for my qualifying exam.  This is so I can be taken off as student in the college of medicine and am now considered a PhD Candidate.  This has been a very hard and long road.  Over two years to get to this point.  It’s hard without kids, but then you add in children….and children with special needs….and the fact that I’m a single mom.


It’s tough!


But anyhow, regardless of that I have made …………………ALMOST


So please continue to think of me and keep me in your thoughts as I muddle my way to my PhD proposal.  Alot has happened this week….went to a conference that I organized…on the way back hit rebar and bent my tie rod and tore off my tire… has not been fun….I am just hoping I can make it past this next hurdle…………if not…I guess I have to turn to stripping! haha….


so the question becomes..what happens if I don’t pass?  Well, you get one more try…….after that you are kicked out of the program.


So thanks for tuning in…I will see you on the flip side of Tuesday…with either really good news…or not so good news (ok freaking horrible news)!




PS…Here’s to remembering to live these next two days without reservations and with full force!


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