That Kind Of Day

So today is a horrible day and anyone who has ever been a single parent knows what I’m talking about.


It’s fall break so I don’t get the kids back from school until later tonight.

My inner tie rod is busted so what does that mean? It means that I have no steering capabilities; therefore, I drive it going 10 miles an hr swerving like I got some swag to the auto shop….


Meanwhile, I get to the shop and it’s going to cost me around 200 to fix..which isn’t too bad, but after a new tire and an alignment a total of around 500…who has that money not me!


Well they can’t get to it till tomorrow; therefore, I have no car.  How the hell do I get the kids to school and take my butt to school for my proposal????????????? TOMORROW IS MY PROPOSAL!!!! This is not good.


Well, my neighbor comes and picks me up from the shop, so I can get home.  I call my ex to see if he could just stay until around 12:30 tomorrow so he could take me and the kids to school and then pick me up and take me to my car.  Apparently, it doesn’t benefit him, so he’s going to drop the kids off and leave.


Well, my neighbor is going to take me and the kids to school…….THANK GOD>>>I OWE HER MY LIFE


Now, what about the getting me to my car?  I dunno yet….I’ve asked a few people to take me there, but if not then I have to call a taxi….more money……


I’m so freaking exhausted..I can’t even concentration on my proposal for tomorrow…….I just need a break


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