To Wait

I dunno if I can explain how absolutely exhausted I am.  I have decided that I would take from now until Saturday off of doing anything.  Well, just getting my house back in order….which is something especially when you’ve spent the last two years ignoring it!   lol I actually got to clean my living room and kitchen…….now I can start on the rest of the house.


However, I am still exhausted and I mean thoroughly exhausted.


I want to try so hard to get healthy.  I want to get fit……… do you balance that with exhaustion? When the thought of getting in your car and driving to the gym is too much, when the thought of doing anything at home is too tiring that your shoulders slump?


I don’t think I have an answer for that…..I know that I have to take care of my family first as always.  We’ve had three dr’s appointments this week and we have two more tomorrow, which is very typical.  Going to physician office’s are some of the most tiring things anyone can do.


What I have decided though is that I AM doing what is right and healthy…I’m taking care of me…and sometimes that requires RESTING!  Especially after you’ve been through something traumatic and anxiety ridden…I need my body back on normal sleep mode…I need my body back on normal eating mode…I need a NORMAL routine…therefore on Saturday when I take my daughter to her Violin lessons for 2 hrs I’m going to go work out…it will be my first day back………….then I’ll take it from there




With mucho love!




2 thoughts on “To Wait

  1. Thing with getting fit and balancing that with exhaustion is tough in the beginning. The thing that’s tough to realize is that getting fit and healthy is what will give you more energy and helps you feel less exhausted BUT at the same time if you are totally right in that if you are beyond exhausted you don’t want to overdo it either as you need your rest. Best thing I can suggest is just make sure you don’t get into a rut where you are never going to workout because you are always exhausted. If you get to a point like that you need to try to force yourself to go. A lot of the time getting in a workout when you are exhausted will actually give you a boost of energy and you’ll feel better. Tough game this whole thing is. 🙂 Good luck! Hope things settle down for you a bit.

    • Yes it is a constant balance!

      There are times when I feel like doing manual labor is less exhausting than mental work. All I do all day long is think….research…write…and think. I have to apply for about 6 travel grants by november 6th….it’s ridiculous the amount of writing I have to do..over and over and over…plus all of the lab work……which I love..but it’s tiring….

      And yeah it is exhausting to start it back up……….and so I gave myself a reliable goal………Saturday……it’s been nice to be able to sit at home and watch some TV. I don’t have cable or I watched like the CW caught up on Vampire Diaries and watched ARROW…I don’t watch TV so I don’t really know what’s on, but tonight was so relaxing for the first time in forever…..just to do nothing…no pressure for pressure for my PhD candidacy exam…..just me and the is cleaned……dinner was made..

      Next week we start the insanity……of getting back into the gym routine…..sigh…if only I could start it all over again!

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