Like I had stated in an earlier blog I wanted to wait until Saturday the 20th before I began my routine back into working out!

It has been a crazy week…I have been so consumed with school that me and the kids have had to put everything on the back burner; therefore, today was the first day where we got to do just stuff!

Yesterday I took my babies to eat at the Hobby Lobby then we went to eat at a Mexican Restaurant….something we NEVER do..I’m not big for eating out.  First of all I can’t afford it and second of all I haven’t had the time.

Today I took Selena to her Violin practice in a group called the UK strings at the University of Kentucky.  She is in the intermediate group and got first string.  It’s a two hour practice so I went to the gym and did a 1.6 mile jog out in the 40 degree weather.  Maybe you are thinking so the hell what….it’s not very long….and that’s not very cold.  Ok, probably not, except for me….I’m from the southern part of Arkansas.  It’s still over 80 degrees there…whereas it’s 40 degrees here.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to jog in the 100 degree weather…it feels great…whereas this feels like crap.  My lungs hurt so bad!  (I have asthma)  However, I made it to 1.6 miles…which is fine for my truly first day back………plus I always do strength training after I do a quick jog… was no different.

After the jog I went and lifted on my back………..a total of an hr workout.  Not so bad.

We then went to pick up some papers we left back at the house, picked up Selena and headed on out to Target…..we get a birthday present for my friend’s baby’s birthday.  We then went to get Selena’s costume at Party City.  Made it home, showered, dressed and made it to our neighbor’s son’s birthday party (my son’s best friend).  And now we are resting comfortably at home; however, at some point I have to make my butt get up and go to the lab….ugh I REALLY don’t want too, but my pancreatic cancer cells need splitting and my bacteria need spun down…..sigh…..a scientist’s work is never done.

Tomorrow it’s almost the same thing, we are going to go to church….hit up the gym…make it home in time to go to another birthday party….then head on out to the Pumpkin Patch…….

I may be extremely busy, but it’s so nice because before I would have had to choose what we could do…now we can do it all!!!!

I’m really excited…maybe ridiculously so, but all the same…being exhausted from doing things with my family is so much greater than being exhausted from studying and writing everyday.  However, on that note..I have THREE count them THREE abstracts to write for upcoming conference submissions! JUST GREAT

thanks guys for staying tuned…love ya!



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