Mila? More like you than you know!



Like we were talking about yesterday Down Syndrome a type of disability is something that we as a society are not ashamed of anymore as a whole.  These special individuals used to be shunned, but now they lead very productive lives!  They are cheerleaders, students, and everyday workers.  They are unique, but the same as everyone else.  They want and deserve the same things as normal or typical individuals.  They deserve to be loved and accepted for who they are!


Check out some photos of Mila’s life..and see for yourself just  how “typical” she is!  Love you guys…..and I can’t wait to meet Mila in person one day!




Mila Baking

Mila and her family

Pretty Mila

Mila or a fly?


Cheerleading Mila

Queen Mila




So just to prove that those with differing abilities still LOVE the same things that we do? Check out Mila’s Cheerleading Squad!!!!




Here’s a video of the squad performing at a competition!




So as we go along this month of November it is our month to reflect on the thanks that we give for what we are grateful for.  I am honestly grateful for my two children with Autism.  Having children with a disability really teaches you as a person what to fight for.  I don’t want to fight for my money ….I don’t care if some of my money gets redistributed around to help those like Mila or my own children.  Is it not up to us who CAN help TO help?  I don’t remember Jesus saying he only helps the 1%, but I do remember him healing the Lepers.  Sometimes it feels as if society puts our children into the leper category.  I’ve been told that I don’t need to bring my children out in public before.  You grow a very thick skin in today’s world, but what if I didn’t have too? What if everyone gave thanks for those like Mila and my two kids? So as we go along this month I’m going to give thanks that there are people out there that love those that are different…those that have special abilities…and those that cannot do for themselves.  You are my hero’s to love someone who can’t give you anything in return except unconditional love!



Living this month thankfully without reservations!



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