Thanks Jar!

Today is the first day of Thanksgiving! (DUH…I know I’m a bit behind) but I thought long and hard about something that me and the kids could enjoy together as a family and it not be money oriented.  Everyone always talks about the Job Jar as something of a discipline tactic and I saw that on pinterest today.  Then my friend Jenny who has Hodgkins Lymphoma posted a Thanks post on facebook about what she gives thanks for today in the month of Thanksgiving.


It made me think…what about a Thanks Jar.  Everyday we write what we are thankful for on a piece of paper and the day of Thanksgiving during the meal we open it up and read it?  My family has never had a formal Thanksgiving dinner, we are a huge southern family, but we always have a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner.


I didn’t get to do it today, because we spent 3.5 hrs at the school going over cyberbullying (which was worth it and I will post about this later)

Tomorrow I’m going to make the Thanks Jar…and we will post two things we are Thankful for.  I will post the jar and what I’m thankful for, but won’t tell the kids.


Let me know if you find this something you would enjoy doing..and if so let me know what exactly you are thankful for!




Thanks for being named after two great women!


2 thoughts on “Thanks Jar!

  1. I like your first “Thanks” you put on here. About your name. By the way November 1 is Grandma Lena’s birthday. See, very fitting! Love you.

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