Made a Thanks Jar

Tonight I finally got around to the Thanks Jar.  It’s really a great thing to make.  I didn’t do anything fantabulous, I just bought a sweet cute little jar from the Dollar Tree for one buck…..just one dollar!  Then I made a small little post on front and labeled it Thanks Jar.  I tore up 12 pieces of paper and me and my two kids wrote down 4 days of what we were thankful for.  Then we folded them and put them in the jar.  I have no idea what we they wrote, but I can’t wait to read them!  Here’s a photo of our little jar!


Today at church the sermon was about having a large margin in life.  Basically not pushing your limits..making sure you have an emotional, physical, monetary, and spiritual boundary that is far away from where you are.  I believe by everyday writing down what you are giving thanks for that you can increase your spiritual boundary.  As we get closer to our margins or our limits that we can handle, we start becoming self-absorbed.  We need to take the time to value ourselves and to value our time with Jesus…but first we need to take the time.  How do we do that? We stop living in the details of life and start living in the values of life.  For each one of us this is different, but our days on this earth are numbered.  Living everyday without reservations…and with the exuberance of a child can increase ALL of our margins…can push our boundaries far away from where we currently are.  This will give us much more space to work with…give us much more leniency to give to others.  I can’t wait to see how far my boundaries are pushed away from me this month!!!!!!!  Also, watching my kids as they wrote down their thanks was just great!  It was super sweet and I definitely knew I was doing the right thing.  We get carried away in the details of life.  She said this..he said that…she did this..he did that….but remember we all have value on this earth…from the homeless to the CEO…..we all have a soul….

Fill your life with reservations and you have nothing but regret…..purge yourself of those little dreadful reservations and you have a life full of wonder!

So tell me some of your reservations, some of your thanks, and all about your hopes!




I am thankful for getting to hug BOTH of my children tonight……..


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