Don’t forget to go vote today!!!! Regardless of who you are voting for it’s important to exercise your right.  People died for your vote.  I’m not going to sugar coat it.  I’m a liberal democrat.  I believe that EVERYONE deserves happiness and I don’t mind giving a little so others can survive.  I also believe in liberty for others.  I believe that on this planet if we can we should help.  I don’t believe in keeping and hoarding my money or my time.  I believe in the expansion of the soul and the mind and that God has taught me liberties.  I believe in helping others less fortunate…I believe in love for all…and I believe in non-discriminatory practices.  For me…Barack Obama is the way to go to achieve what I believe in.  For others it’s someone else.  But whoever it is..for whatever reason..just go vote!  It takes a moment of your time..but can change your life.  




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