Field Trip With My Son the D-Man

We went today to Raven’s Run which is a public natural park here around in Lexington KY.  It is quite a ways out in the woods and is a beautiful curvy drive through horseland.  You can see all the extreme rich horse owners and their jumping stations and so on and so forth.  Here is a link to the park.

We spent 4 hours out in this park with approximately 125 3rd grade students and about 6 adults.  It was crazy.  I have much respect for the teachers who gave their time, effort, and sanity into these things!

I honestly went because I was afraid that they would lose my son on this trip, but I don’t think that I had anything to worry about and here’s why.  Dorian seemed completely normal.  He did not twirl…he did not hand flap…he was COMPLETELY engaged…he talked to ALL the kids…he asked questions..he answered questions.  He was a wee bit hyper than the other kids, but other than that he seemed normal.  There was NO way you could spot him having autism.  Even I had to give myself credit for this.  Yep I patted my fat back with my pudgy hand!  It was uber cool.  That’s probably not even a word, but that’s how happy I feel, making up words and stuff.  Years and years (9) to be exact worth of therapy has done him good.  It’s definitely paid off.  All the kids were great with him, and he was one of the sweetest ones.  I dunno.

However, with me seeing this understanding started to dawn as to why I get such resistance when trying to get my children IEPs and 504 plans.  Although this may seem to be a problem for me, I think it helps me out.  Why? Because knowledge and understanding is everything.  I’m not trying to give my child the world with his IEPs and 504s.  Same for my daughter.  I am trying to make them more effective students which takes a little extra support.  You see I’m a strategist and now that I know how my kid’s teachers feel I can attack attack attack all their weak areas! 🙂 YAY!

I LOVE learning opportunities.

So back to the story.  We hiked through a couple of miles of really wet and cold trails and looked at all sorts of bugs, animal tracks, animals, plants, and so on.  My son the comedic was cracking me up the entire time.  At one point the teacher told everyone: Hey do you guys know what animals you are scaring off by being so loud?  Dorian says: “Yep, cows!” and the teacher goes: “why cows?” and he said “well, because you said we sound like a herd of buffalo…and buffalos scare cows.”  Man that kid cracks me up.  Yes, I know only a mother sees that as funny, but still..he’s my main man!


The family that owned Raven’s run used to be tobacco farmers over 200 years ago.  It’s really interesting because one of the tombstones at their family grave is from a relative of theirs that fought in the REVOLUTIONARY WAR! How amazing is that?


Here are some of the pics:







The Revolutionary Soldier


The 200 year old house!


Family graveyard


Just a tree


A place to call home


A sweet little path leaving behind all reservations of life!


Me and my son had a blast in the 38 degree weather.  It was great mother son time, but I wish I could have spent the same time with my daughter.  Selena had a field trip that day as well.  I will write about it tomorrow; however, I didn’t get to attend with her because I went with Dorians.  I chose to go with Dorian because he is a flight risk and known to wander and run off.  Selena is very structured and a complete rule follower.


I think it’s really important to try to go on these trips with my children.  My mom only went on one that I remember.  I always wanted her to go.  I know it’s hard to take off work and you may not be able too, but if you have a choice..try…your children with thank you for it! Literally!


I hope you enjoyed the pics of our little fieldtrip!!!! Have a great day!



I am thankful for having children who have responded to therapy and are living a fulfilling life!







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