5 REASONS to drink water in the morning!

5 reasons to drink water in the morning


so I saw this picture on facebook today and I thought…hmmmm even if there is a tiny bit of truth to this it would be worth it.  Does anyone else have problems drinking water? I definitely do.  It’s just not something that I like to do and in fact I hate the taste of water unless I’m working out….


However, I think this simple picture has inspired me to try 2 glasses of water in the morning…is anyone else with me on this? anyone willing to give this a try?  I’m going to do this for a week ad see what I get, besides a full bladder!!!! Maybe I’ll see some changes!!! I will report back in a week with an update!


PS…I like the boost metabolism reason!




6 thoughts on “5 REASONS to drink water in the morning!

  1. Add some lemon juice to it. And remember to sip water throughout the day, not just gulp down a glass at one time. That way the body will absorb it. If you gulp it down, you will just wee it out.

    • I honestly hate water and I don’t deny it…unless I’m hot

      funny thing is i’m from southern AR and I drank water all the time till I moved up here to the north where it is so cold…………..I crave warm drinks..I never was a coffee drinker..I really honestly have to get better.. been here 2.5 yrs..and never realized how far away from water I got….

  2. I love Asia. You can go into a restaurant there and ask for a glass of water. They will reply with ‘warm or cool?’ I always say ‘warm’ even though I’m on the equator. I love coffee too!

  3. Just downed my 16oz cold water for the morning.

    How-It was probably how I was raised. We rarely had soda or even juice at my house so as far as I knew water is what people mostly drank. My wife on the other hand grew up with soda as a primary beverage and restraint or fast food. She used to say it just felt really heavy on her stomache. Over the years it seems that she drinks more and more water and it’s easier.

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