Freaky Friday!!

Here I am sitting at home on a Friday night…THE friday night after Thanksgiving…being full because we actually cooked today and not yesterday.  I made a wonderful smoked ham.  I basted it in cocal cola, bourbon, brown sugar, and cloves.  However, by the time we poured on the bourbon we realized it was actually coffee bourbon therefore my ham was coca cola, brown sugar, bourbon and coffee flavored.  I know it sounds disgusting right????? OH MY GOODNESS that was freaking the best ham in the entire world.  I cannot explain how absolutely yummy it was!!!!

I also made roasted cabbage with bacon and olive oil, mushroom turnovers, boiled potatoes, and pumpkin cheesecake.  For four friends it was great considering my friends brought over food as well!

It’s been hard these last couple of days without the kids, but I will be getting them back on Sunday.  As for T my boyfriend he leaves back for his homestate tomorrow.  Life isn’t always easy, and it’s full of twists and turns and complicated choices, but it’s how we deal with the outcomes of these choices that  make a person!

We have a few hard choices in the next couple of years we have to make.  We live separately now, but I refuse to be a girlfriend forever.  I was with my children’s father without a ring on my finger, and now due to situations with work we have no choice.  I have no clue where I will be in 2-3 years so the uncertainty is sometimes difficult to deal with.

How then do I console myself?  I go to church every Sunday for one.  I really enjoy this church that I go too.  No one questions what I’m doing, where I’m doing it at, and who I’m doing it with.  I  also like to calm myself with Tarot cards, but what exactly are Tarot cards?


They were first called trionfi and there are approximately 75 cards in this deck that I love so much.  I enjoy the feel of mixing the cards, laying them out, and of course thinking.  Each person has their own view of these cards, some even belief they are witchcraft and devil worshiping, which I guess to me is ridiculous, but to others are so very important.

I myself use The Gilded Tarot…it is my favorite.  I think it’s a beautiful deck and I’ve had it for years.  It’s worn and soft and comfy, if you can understand that.  A sense of calm and understanding feels like it flows through me, it’s like the greatest meditation technique known to me!

I unfortunately didn’t have time for a tarot reading today, but I will next week!  We have a big week planned, and more to learn about the new diagnosis for Dorian.  I’m ready for my life to be so boring that I complain about nothing else! lol

Anyone else ready for a boring life????




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