Engaging the Abdominis

So there is this exercise that I do that I learned a long time ago.  You see at 15 I was paralyzed due to severe disk degeneration.  The therapists had me doing some crazy exercises…or so I thought at 15, but I learned to walk again after a couple of back surgeries including spinal fusions.  No one wants to be in a wheelchair especially a 15 year old teenager.  However, I knew the older I got I had to keep my core strong in order to walk.  The weaker my core the less ability to stand up straight.  When I’m really tired I walk with a limp.  I”m not embarrassed anymore, but it’s still not easy

There is this one core rule that I live by…….keep the small of your back on the floor.  There is this one exercise that I do that strengthens the lower back and the abdominis.  I honestly don’t know the name of it, but I recently got my boyfriend to do it and he can vouch on how well it works!


Step 1:

Lay flat on your back with your arms to your side and legs bent.  Crunch your stomach into your back until the small of your back is on the floor …hold for a count of ten…release and repeat 10 times


Step 2: Slowly work until you can crunch your small of the back into the floor and hold ten seconds with your legs straight out.


It may take multiple weeks to work until your legs are straight out.  I encourage slowly walking your legs down one inch at a time.  Like I said expect it to take weeks even when you do it everyday….


If you know the name of this exercise please let me know!!!


If you would like some pics of me demonstrating this let me know and I will post some!!!




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