It’s not OUR birthday: A little something about Christmas!

Me and the kids attend this fabulous church called Southland here in Lexington.  We love it…you can check out all the sermons here!

It is a “megachurch” or a very large church! lol  I didn’t think I would enjoy this church as stated before, why? Well, I’m from a VERY small church called “Midway Missionary Baptist” in southern Arkansas.  Almost the entire congregation is made up of my family.  Now, I have been attending Southland for about 5 months now and I have started to wonder why I feel so at home here?  Believe me I love my “old” church, but it doesn’t really fit my needs.  Of course, I don’t live there anymore, but it also doesn’t fit my need spiritually.  You see I do love my old church, but sometimes I believe I only love it because I love my family so much!  I love them so much that it hurts to be away from them….do they feel the same way about me??? Probably not, but that doesn’t bother me….I’m all alone, so I’m conscious of the fact that I’m by myself, but they have the love and support of the entire family, church, and community.  My hometown called Glenwood, AR barely has 2,000 people in it!

So how is it that this new church fits my spiritual needs better than the church I grew up in?  Well, it’s simple, I don’t believe in bringing people to God through fear.  Now, perhaps I’m wrong and Midway isn’t pastoring the old way anymore.  Also, don’t take this the old way, but Midway is a VERY uplifting congregation full of love and hope, but I felt like typically they talked about how if “you did this you would go to Hell and if you didn’t do this you would go to Hell”.  It’s the typical southern preaching.  Sometimes I feel like I identify more with the Penticostal…..all holy ghosting it up!!! Check out this Youtube clip of pentecostals talking about who they are!

I don’t even mind they speak in tongues…I guess because my great grandma was a pentecostal pastor…yep she built her own church….and my great grandpa helped her.  They were amazing humans..doing amazing things, plus I don’t judge ANYONE’s beliefs, because I’ve never walked in their shoes.

Faith is NOT a credit card…you can’t expect someone to debit their faith card and turn to yours, just like you don’t want to debit your faith card.  It’s a very important concept to understand that others have a different faith than you do, but at the end of the day I truly believe that God knows what’s in our hearts.  I’m not a literal follower of the Holy Bible.  Otherwise I would have been stoned to death years ago!!!!

 I wear different types of material….and I’ve eaten shellfish before!!! lol  I’m a sinner in every single way you could be!!! 😉

However, our path to God is our own…Faith and compassion is a person asset that each person nourishes differently…..but I feel at Southland I receive a message that I can understand.  It’s a message of faith, compassion, generosity, giving, and healing.  They bring others to God/Jesus through teaching all 5 of those wonderful messages.  Everytime I leave I feel uplifted and closer to God, which is the most important part of it all…..

Today’s message centered on the fact that Christmas is not OUR birthday, yet in our “give me” society we celebrate it and teach our children to celebrate it like it is!  It is not how much we get for our children or how much we receive ourselves, but how many blessings large or small that we can bestow on others….to live through Christ means to understand what Christmas is.  Although it is not his actual date of birth, it is when we celebrate it; therefore, as a person we get to choose what it means to us personally.  I personally choose to not shower my children with unnecessary items.  It is not of importance to us to give and give and give monetary wise, but to give spiritually and to give to the needy in various ways.

I do not blame the poor (for I am poor too right now) for being poor, just like I do not blame those who are so stuck in the cycle of poverty……..poverty is due to the lack of opportunities and the knowledge of how to use the opportunities that are there.  Teaching those how to see what an opportunity is and how to grab a hold of it is a major goal in my life.  So, as we walk through this month of December on a path to coveting electronics and other valuables, I have faith that I choose to remember that December 25th, is NOT the celebration of MY birthday, but the Celebration of HIS……… join me in Celebrating Our Father’s Rein here on Earth and Our Eventual Rein in his land!


PS….Please enjoy the following song…I sure did when I heard it on the radio today  “I’m just a human….I’m not perfect”


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