Joey’s Hope

So, I have a best friend who is a single mom of three children with autism, but as of this week her youngest Joey who is 8 years old is undergoing rigorous testing to look at growths in his body….

Tomorrow is Joey’s Bone Marrow Biopsy…….he’s already had X-rays, bone scans and full body MRI… is the Bone Marrow Biopsy to know for sure what we are dealing with….


I need a prayer circle….I need to start a prayer and faith chain reaction…please help me do this….


You see this little boy has had hardships NOONE should have to endure…he was born with a neurological difference, AUTISM…he was born with a handicap and has been working hard for 8 years to overcome this.  Then about three years ago he lost his precious father and now because of his Autism he was unable to tell anyone that he was hurting, all of a sudden he stopped walking…and now we have made it here to this point…….


Help me lift their spirits through continual prayer!!!






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