New way of thinking: so I can eat more healthy/healthier!

haha…so I never know which way to go…more healthy or healthier! I can crack the genetic code, but can’t crack the English language, well I guess we all have our strengths and not so strengths right???? lol


Well, regardless of that fact as we get older we begin to notice our bodies can’t take the virtual assault we put on it, especially our guts I have recently noticed that I can’t handle bread very well anymore, so I’m trying to incorporate more grains and fiber and less gluten.  I actually made a plan to eat a better variety of food this week……can you believe that?????  I’m calling it:


Eating Clean For Me!!!

Today’s menu?

Whole oatmeal with milk, butter, turbinado sugar and dried plums and cranberries

Chipotle (bc it’s left over lol no need to waste money)

grapefruit and a bit of cottage cheese

boiled potatoes, grilled chicken with bbq (not much tho), and a small salad with some oil and vinegar

some sort of snack like caramel rice cake (which i actually love, I fight my son over it)  



Is there something that you make to help with your cleaner eating? Can  you share it???? any favorite blended drink recipes?  Let us know…share it!





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