Too Much Electricity

Okay Okay Okay

We all know I’m a total nerd right?  However, did you know that I’m also a complete geek….like a totally nutso in love with science geek? Well, it’s true! I am!  I love the show Fringe…Love Love Love Star Trek and Star Wars..and I wish there was an alien ship I could go on..and a hot alien to seduce..and some cool technology to play with..and an alternate universe to unravel!!! And hey perhaps there is all of those things, just not in front of me or in my specific timeline!

It’s lovely to be a nerd because you can think of cool stuff and it’s all a theory, but when your not a nerd it’s just your imagination!!! haha…science to me is an art.  You have to learn how to trust your sciency instincts.  (OK I get that that’s not very technical speak, but hey…I’m a country girl trapped in a nerdy girls body or vice versa!)  For instance, I was just NOT getting my transfections to work…transfections is just a fancy term for introducing foreign DNA into a cell…in particular for my experiment pancreatic cancer cells….we are manipulating the expression of a particular protein that we believe is a tumor suppressor and by increasing the expression of this protein we should be able to reduce the tumorigenesis in the pancreatic cancer cells, while reducing the expression of the protein even further in the cell we can force the pancreatic cancer cells to become more tumorigenic.  However, that’s not important the procedure of transfection is quite easy, but for some reason I was not getting very good results and it was because I was not taking time with my art or technique.  Now through optimizing my technique and varying the protocol my results have been out of this world phenomenal.



Also, like any other nerdy person I love technology…I adore it…I want to explore it all..preferentially with a hot alien  helping me out! but needless to say, just having the tech is good enough….

Now, my children..they have an obsession with technology…don’t be fooled by the autism they absolutely adore technology and it is driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I caught my daughter with just a towel on playing minecraft while the shower was just a blasting!  I was so angry..they cannot seem to put down the freaking computer to get off the game.

This obviously is not healthy for anyone including typical and non-typical children.  How do you break this habit? Well, like all habits you have to replace the bad habit with a healthy habit.  Our healthy habit is doing projects.  Tonight we had my daughter’s recital, but tomorrow my plan is to sit down and color while we work on some of our social skills.  Then we will switch projects to playing legos or some other form of activity.  I bought my daughter a basketball goal for Christmas, so as a family we can go outside and play HORSE.  There is just an endless stream of possibilities, but you HAVE to make it work.  They don’t change just because you tell them too.  Reinforce the positive activities by modeling them and doing them yourself…just like being healthy…model the behavior and you will see your children commit to the new behavior!

I feel like my children should not be subjected to this much electricity….I feel like they should have more physical interaction…

I make a vow just like I am changing my eating habits meal by meal, I am going to change my child’s electricity habits day by day….

Is anyone else with me on this????



Live without the reservations of modern society so we can tap into our basic self…our humanity!



2 thoughts on “Too Much Electricity

  1. How about this…many of those gadgets run either on batteries or AC that can be powered by an inverter. So set them up with a pedal-powered generator, some solar cells and other mechanical means of charging the battery. Beyond a certain pre-set limit of wall-powered time, they are welcome to play all they want on battery battery power, that they themselves have generated. Then there is a direct correlation between their physical activity, or outdoor time in the case of solar chargers, and their energy budget. They may still play way too much Minecraft, but they’ll be the tannest, most buff Minecraft players on the net. 🙂

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