Dumb School Rules that Affect My Child

Today was a day where a dumb school rule affected my child….


We were in Cincinnati all day today for a Endocrinology Appointment at Cincy Children’s Hospital at around 10AM….it’s a 2 hr drive there so we were gone all day….We got back after school got out, but barely.  Well, today was the day of the Winter Formal, so I just took Selena home and let her get ready.


We get there to school and I drop her off all dolled up, well about 15 minutes later I get a call saying I need to pick her up…

The reason?

Because if she hasn’t been to school all day then she can’t attend afterschool activities.


So what you are telling me is that my child who is autistic, 11 years old, in the fifth grade, and has a TON of medical issues is being punished because of a genetic condition that requires a daily shot and a trip out of state 2 times a year….funny….


I went back and got her and there was another little girl whom they couldn’t find her admission slip, but she had actually paid who couldn’t be down there..i’m assuming her mom is not too happy.

They thanked me for understanding and here is what I told them “I am not being understand, because I don’t understand it…but there is nothing I can do about it…”

She said “well, it’s my least favorite rule”


hmmmmmmm…….I still cannot really digest this, but whatever!


My daughter took it pretty well all things considering, but don’t be fooled she wasn’t happy in the least…


Have there been any dumb policies that have negatively impacted your child???



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