Coming Home

We all have a place that we call home, whether or not they are “good” places or “bad” places they are still there.

We have also all heard the saying, “It’s not the place, it’s the people.”

We all also know the saying “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out off the girl”

This is very true…all of it! Most people don’t realize how country I am….how incredibly southern and hospitable my family truly is.  How amazing we can be compared to other families I’ve been around.  We all have our problems that is very true.  We all have our hidden secrets and things we don’t want anyone else to know, but at the end of the day blood is thicker than water.

Like I’ve stated before I come from a very small town of 2,000 people.  We only had one black family here growing up, and though I was never raised as a racist (my stepfamily is from Brownsville, TX and hispanic) I didn’t know how they would react to meeting my current and hopefully last ever boyfriend.  T came up Friday night and stayed at my mom’s house and Saturday was my mom’s Christmas party.  This is SUCH a fun event for the family…we have close to 75 people in attendance and all the ladies bring a Christmas tree ornament to play dirty santa with.  However, could you imagine meeting your girlfriend of 1.5 year’s family ALL at one time?  Seriously that has to be scarier than well anything I can think of….he took it like a pro! lol  Everybody loved T….I was even told that he was a “good” man…….Imagine that…a white town in southern Arkansas lovingly accepting an interracial couple?  Who would have thought that?

This is my point that I try to convey with my blog…..stereotypes is just that….a stereotype whether it involves a single mom, a person with autism, a mentally handicapped individual, an African American, a European, and/or anyone else.  You can’t judge someone by identifiers that are just descriptors, because we are not static objects.  We were not ever and are now not even created inside a vacuum without any outside forces bending us and sculpting us.  We instead are forged through our own personal enigmatic experiences that we react to with our own unique actions, thoughts, and feelings.  Who each one of us are is not dependent upon our surroundings, but on how we react to our surroundings.  Each person can be measured by their uninhibited responses……….My family has definitely risen above southern white stereotypes.

I’m asking everyone to go home this season…go home and rise above who you even think you are……come home inside yourself and see others in a new light.  Use the perspective you had as a child.  One that is not ruined by life’s hardships and personal failures…one that is not riddled with potholes of regret.  Come home and tell me all about it.

I know that in the end you will find MORE peace in coming home than in living in today’s failures!



PS…’s reservations were overcome with a foot of snow!!!!

Foot of snow

Foot of snow


2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. I’m glad your family reacted so warmly but think of it from their view – they are probably happy and proud that you trusted them enough to take the risk, despite any concerns. Heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your Welcome! I have just seen a multitude of hate spewed out after the tragic event…and misery loves company and I refuse to partake in that! I want others to know that differences are there so we may bring additional attributes TOO others……

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