The Beauty of Bad

So on Thursday me and the kids drove from Glenwood, AR to Lexington, KY which with stops takes us about 10 hrs….and we stop A LOT.  However, due to the over foot of snow and 3-4 inches of ice UNDER the snow it took us 15 hrs to get to Lexington, and immediately as we got in we went straight to Urgent Treatment Center.  Selena has the flu!!!! UGH….then we go home, unpack and wait until Walgreens filled the prescription.  I had left at 3AM in the morning and at 1AM the next day was still up going to go get my daughter’s tamiflu prescription…if that’s not love dunno what is! 😉  Sometimes though there are times that being a single mom becomes harder than when I was with their father, and this is one of them.  He would have gone to get the prescription for me so i can get the kids ready for bed….but alas it’s just I have to be mom, judge, jury, dad, doctor, therapist, and so many more hats……it’s exhausting….


However, the next day it was time to unload the car and take it back to the rental place.  What I did that morning is a little hazy due to a slight concussion that I received yesterday, but I do know I took the car to Hertz rental and on the way home while the Hertz driver was dropping us off we got into a car accident.  It was horrible….I don’t know what happened.  I can’t remember..hello I hit my head! lol  I do remember the side airbags deploying and feeling a horrendous pain in my head.  Then I rushed to grab the kids out of the car in case another car hit us and got my daughter to safety first, but then i couldn’t get my son out and he was grabbing his stomach and crying very hard.  Eventually we got him to safety and waiting or the ambulance.  They came and took my son and my daughter and I walked the two blocks to my house and picked up my car.  Again, I’m a single mom with no family in Lexington.  I should have been taken in the ambulance, but I had to prepare myself for a way to get I had to take the car!

We get there and by the end of the day my son has bruising from the seatbelt, Selena has whiplash and swelling of the muscles around the neck and chemical burns from the side airbag.  I on the other hand have ripped muscles in my arm, severe whiplash, really bruised right legs, sore spine, a concussion, and apparently a tumor on my thyroid.

Yes, I said a tumor on my thyroid.  Apparently on the CT scan they found a tumor on my thyroid.  So, next week I have to have an ultrasound and take it from there.

So see there are some blessings in disguise.  It would have taken years for them to find the tumor unless I got sick from it..and who’s to say that I’m not already.  I’m having the worse time trying to lose weight and have no energy at all.  I even went to the doctor for it, but they said that it costs hundreds of dollars to get all the thyroid testing done, so because I’m a student with bad insurance I said naw I’ll deal with it.  Now, I can’t “deal with it” now I have to figure out what it is.  GREAT!!!!  JUST GREAT!!!!

So the beauty in the bad is that my tumor was found!  What a blessing this horrible crash was.  You always have to see the beauty in the bad; otherwise, your mind is open to ugly possibilities such as depression, bad thoughts, hurtful feelings, and unwise choices.  I choose to see this scary happening as a way for me to become better and not get really sick!  I hope we can continue this outlook throughout the 2013 year!


Have you guys already started thinking about New Years Resolutions? I don’t do them, but I love to hear other people’s!



~Living without the reservations of fear!


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