Allowing a Good Man to Love You: Part I

As I go through the year of 2013 one of the things that I want to make sure I accomplish is to allow a good man to love me.  Isn’t that one of the HARDEST things that we can do as women?

Why is this so hard for us?  Why do we constantly fight being treated appropriately?

I find that the more healthy I become the more I was able to love someone worth loving.  I don’t want that huge passionate romance…it doesn’t last and is not real 99% of the time.  How do you distinguish the relationships that will last from just a passing fancy?  It’s when you are being treated with the utmost respect, honesty, trust, and care.  A man who is interested in you WILL make time for you.  A man who loves you WILL side with you over his momma.  A man who desires you will want to be with you.  If you are a good woman you deserve a good man.  They do exist….no they may not be what you dream about, and they may not be exciting daredevils, but they will hold your hair back when you have the stomach bug, laugh when you fart in your sleep, hold your hand in public, claim you to everyone he knows, and willingly watch girly movies…….my man does…all of that and more!


After almost two years he will watch Twilight with me…he may pull his man card for the night, but he still watches it and doesn’t complain.  I find the no complaining critical.  I just like my mens to stand there and be pretty! 😉 JUST KEEEEEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know my own insecurities have hindered relationships in the past, do you think you have done this SAME thing?????  I think in order for us to have a good relationship with someone we must first be good with ourselves.

I hope you all find what you are looking for this year…I finally have! 😉


PS…..if he messes up I’ll take him out…I am a SOUTHERN girl!


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