Big Steps: Proud of my Friend

So, my friend Kelly recently decided to become a stay at home mom.  I’m not a very supportive person (or at least i don’t make people feel all comfortable on the inside), but I completely supported her decision.  She has a one year and in this day and age I feel like garnering one on one time with your child is so much more important than a career, because pretty soon all that child will want is video games.  I have tried with my children to push push push the lack of electronics.  We don’t have cable or satellite, but we do own electronic devices.  We have a game pantry that we use to store our games and we enjoy them all, but I just like to force my kids to play outside.  They have nice bikes and I just bought my daughter for christmas a REALLY nice basketball goal and a basketball.

I imagine we will play lots of HORSE!

I think one of the reasons that we do so much together is because I stayed at home and raised my autistic children for around 5 years.  I feel like I got know…TIME you could never get back.  I would make dinner and take it up to their dad’s work if he was working late…I would take them to the park and long walks..or just go to Target.  We did all of their therapy and group sessions.

I envy her time at home..envy and look forward to seeing her enjoy it.  I can’t wait….

So…I’m proud of you Kelly you made a hard choice with a great consequence!!! Good for you!


Now time for us to have a lunch date! 😉




2 thoughts on “Big Steps: Proud of my Friend

  1. Proud for your friend!
    I have truly enjoyed (and hated at times) being at home with Cash the last two years. So many things I would have missed and we have a much closer bond now. He is definitely a mama’s boy at this point and I am just fine with that! We too don’t do a lot of Tv, video games. He just now got an older game boy for his own use and he plays maybe 4-5 hours a week if that much. That’s probably really pushing it. He loves the outdoors. Loves reading. Loves just playing with his toys and pretending. All things I wouldn’t get to experience if I had to work outside the home 🙂

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