Decision Determines Direction

Today’s post is a mixture between talking to a new friend of mine who is in the spotlight for her political views and my recent inspiration found at church.  I’ve been thinking a lot about dying…ok don’t get all morbid on me’s not like i’m looking to die.  It’s just that I’m not a young buck anymore.  I’m 32 years old, chubby, with a tumor on my thyroid, spinal problems, got some autistic kids, and am stupidly getting my PhD in biochemistry.  Everyday I worry about what happens to me when I die, but really what happens to my kiddos?  What decisions do I make that lead me to my own demise…..Will I happen into a bank during a robbery and throw myself in front of a person to save them from a flying bullet?  Will I get ran over by an ice cream truck because it can’t see me when I’m 95? (My most popular belief) Or will I die by some horrible disease racked by aches and pains? Maybe I’ll go blissfully in my sleep…I dunno either way no matter how it happens.  The decisions I make today right at this moment as I’m typing determines the direction that my life goes in.

Pretty heavy and deep stuff isn’t it?????

I know just sit there and meditate a moment on that.  What does that MEAN then….How does this bit of knowledge impact your life?

Well, that means…get rid of that  loser boyfriend, dump the girlfriend that doesn’t have time for you, go visit your Mama, skip work for a day and go watch a movie all by yourself, take yourself out on a date, Hell JUST MASTURBATE!!! haha…uhoh…now i have so many of my followers gone! Seriously, studies show that masturbation can help your life…orgasms people orgasms.

How about stopping letting others dictate your emotions…meaning that don’t let what someone says or posts upset you.  Your time is precious….your children’s time is precious.

What direction DO you want to go in? Have you REALLY thought about that?  What are you going to do when your kid(s) leave your home to go off to college?  Are you going to sit around?  Do you have something that you love to do, but it doesn’t make money?

Have you ever wanted to just go on a nice picnic? Well, why not go.  The bills and the dishes and the laundry will all be there tomorrow, believe me.  There are no magic little elves that come in when you sleep and clean up, Hell there’s not even any underwear gnomes to STEAL your dirty underwear.

Is there a book you dream of writing?

Basically at the end of the day you have to try to view your life from the end to the front.  You know how you got here, but how you leave here is up to you.  You can go bitter and resentful or you can go loud and fulfilled.  Let go of all your reservations, love your partner like they deserve to be, respect yourself and more importantly take care of yourself.


The direction of your life changes with each decision that you make, so today eventhough the direction was bad doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be.

What if you live your life to the fullest but other’s don’t appreciate how you live your life?  This is a hard one for me, but my honest answer is if the person cannot contribute to your life then why are you still hanging around.

Remember YOU determine who you talk to, hang with, and love.

Don’t be a slave to the direction of your life….change the direction by taking your life decisions by the horns!!! And remember do so without reservations!



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