Crazy by Ann Werner


OK…so I decided to break out from my usual genre of reading supernatural romance and read a suspenseful drama and boy was I in for it!!!!!!!  Check out CRAZY by Ann Werner (best known for her role as Eliana on Days of our Lives) … was referred to me by a friend and I was definitely NOT let down in any way!

I’m one of those readers that love my supernatural romance, but I have been wanting to break into the suspense and drama scene. A friend of mine suggested that I read Crazy by Ann Werner. I purchased it and definitely did not regret it. I actually had to put the book down to still my heart when I was reading some of the scenes. And when the “crazy” character of the book was talking…oh my goodness it gave me chills that caused my stomach to jump up in my throat!!!!

The main character Emily at first you don’t really know if you are going to identify with her. I mean how can you she’s crazily beautiful and successful, but as the plot thickens you get to understand who she is and that her outside does not dictate her life. She’s a wonderful person and chef. She’s extremely bright and creative, goal oriented and just like every other woman….desiring a man who will respect her for who she is.

The “crazy” character is well just nauseatingly crazy. You get into the character’s sick and twisted mind and there’s no turning back. After some of this character’s scenes I HAD to put the book down to recuperate!

Then you get enthralled in Emily’s life yourself and begin to wonder at all the character’s that surround her, who could it be? Who could be THAT crazy…who would want Emily dead and why? Why would anyone want to hurt a woman who hasn’t done anything?

Sometimes Evil has no reason, but I guess you’ll just have to read the book to see huh?




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