The Cast

The Mom (Me or I): I’m a 32 year old female with Asperger’s.  I am also a single mom with two children on the spectrum (autistic basically).  I also had this insane idea to go back to graduate school at 30 years old.  I have no clue if a PhD in biochemistry is worth all this craziness….but I guess we shall see! 😉

The Sel:  A 10.5 year old little girl who is trying to find her way through bras, autism, shots, medicine, and the tween years.  She’s cooky, loveable, a bit brash, and all things autistic.  She has her own sense of style and adores all things outdoors.  You can’t keep her from making a bow and arrow or using her fishing pole appropriately!  She’s a runner and a swimmer.  She loves fiercely and only wants to please……she’s frustrating at every turn and to some she’s just a little me….which makes it even scarier to raise her!

The D-Man: A 9 year old sweet boy who knows only love and acceptance.  He hates walking for a long period of time (anything over 2 minutes is unacceptable).  He LOVES legos and anything legos.  He is open about his feelings and loves to just sit beside me and share his world.  He’s a wanderer (literally) and has the ability to run away at any moment.  He scares me senseless.  I have probably began to grow grey hairs simply due to my worrying over this child.  I have always said that D-man is his on man….he will come to me in his own time..he will enter into our reality in his own way.  

T:  A sweet hunk of a man that has the ability to be my calm.  He has taught me alot about patience and time.  He is a large brute of a man that people mistake his size for toughness, but he’s all ooey gooey mushy on the inside!  He recently took an exciting position far far away in a land that I do not live in! 😦  However, we are doing everything we can to stay together.  I think love gives you the muscles to strengthen your backbone of resolve!  Needless to say, beyond just putting up with my craziness……..he’s also super sexy ..tall..dark..handsome with tattoos on just the right muscles and definitely much more than I could ever deserve.


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